Established in Taipei on 26 March 2001, Auer Media & Entertainment Corporation has a capital amounted to NT$105.5 million in 2010.
Auer Media & Entertainment integrates entertainment with daily life, hoping to bring more convenient and innovative digital contents and services to the public and thereby enrich daily life.As a provider of value-added entertainment, digital content customization and production and mobile phone game R&D services, Auer Media & Entertainment is now capable of outputting about 45-55 games, more than 30 applications and about 15 innovative value-added mobile phone services each year. To this day, Auer Media & Entertainment has launched more than 300 comprehensive value-added services and various mobile phone games for the Asian telecommunication market.
After cultivating the domestic mobile value-added service markets for years, Auer Media & Entertainment will continue to engage in the innovation and R&D of cross-platform services with the advantages in mobile equipment diversification. With the exponentially increasing chains, channels and platforms, Auer Media & Entertainment will promote the integrated development of content generation, digital publication and web marketing to expand the scale of economy of the domestic digital content industry and thereby to lead Taiwan’s mobile phone APP and mobile phone game developers to shine over the international stage.